Bad Debt CollectionServiceFast and effective

  • Commercial (business-to-business) claims
  • Consumer (personal) claims
  • All accounts handled in an ethical business-like manner

Pre-CollectionServiceMinor cost, major results

Two Options


  • Booklet of 40 coupons
  • Money-back guarantee
  • No commission if paid during 14-day pre-collection period

Demand Letter

  • Purchased in quantity that fits your need
  • No commission if paid during 10-day pre-collection period

Small Claims CourtRepresentationLet us go so you don't have to

  • Handle all aspects from issuing the claim, arranging for a representative at pre-trial conferences and with client at trial (should one be necessary), attending judgment debtor examinations and warrant hearings, issuing garnishees, and handling seizures of goods and lands
  • Nominal Writ preparation fee
  • Most Small Claims Court costs are recoverable

Credit & CollectionSeminarsLet our experts teach you the tips and tricks

  • Specifically designed to supply quality training for your staff in a group or individual environment
  • Topics include collection aids, telephone techniques, what information to ask for, bankruptcy tips, small claims pointers, and case studies

CustomizedAccounts Receivable ManagementGeared to your corporate requirements

  • Individualized training for credit and collection staff
  • Evaluation of sales and credit procedures followed by recommendations
  • How to set credit limits and adhere to them
  • Specific training on "How to Ask for Your Money"